Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Interview with...A Blog Without a Bicycle

Interviewing Myself

Because I am interviewing other bloggers, I felt that it was only fair to answer the same questions that I am asking others to answer. So, while being afraid of engaging in gratuitous navel gazing, I will interview myself. Or at least respond to my own questions.

Do you identify as a “feminist”? How important, if at all, is being/not being a feminist to your identity?

Being a feminist may be my defining quality. In high school, I was (in)famously labeled a "feminazi." Embracing this identity, I attended a women's college and have pursued a graduate education in women's and gender studies. You might say that gender is the lens through which I view the world - along with shades of race, class, sexuality, and ability, of course.

Whether or not you identify as a feminist, what does “feminism” mean to you?

In my introductory post, I defined my personal brand of feminism. To reiterate, there are many feminisms and you should be an informed consumers about which you buy into and which you boycott.

Do you or have you ever kept a blog or blogs? When you spend time online, do you read blogs? Are there any blogs you read regularly?

Given that my M.A. thesis is about blogging, I have found myself gorging on blogs recently. Luckily, keeps my daily consumption under control.

Tell me about your blog(s).

My blog is primarily a part of my research project. Participant-observation, if you will. Because of its role in my research project, my blog is probably less interesting than many other blogs out there.

How long have you been keeping a blog?

Since September 2006.

What made you want to start a blog? What was your inspiration?

The desire to write an interesting M.A. thesis. The need for learning more about what I was hoping to study.

How would you describe your blog?

Academic rambling at its most researchy...Or a work in progress that will progressively become more interesting.

Does your blog have a theme or does it focus on a particular issue?

Are you tired of hearing about my M.A. thesis? Me too some days.

How do you define a “blog”?

If I only knew...

What qualifies as a “feminist blog”?


Have you ever participated in a blog carnival? If so, tell me about that experience.

I am hosting the Carnival of Feminists #26. Submit!

Why did you want to participate in a carnival?

If I was going to write about blog carnivals, it seemed like it would only be fair to actually participate and experience what I was focusing on. Right?

How did you find out about the blog carnival you participated in?

Oh, google!

Now that you have participated in a carnival, what do you think about them?

I'll get back to you...

ADDED LATER (to get back to you): There are more and less work than I previously thought. As a novice to the blogosphere, I wondered if "bigger" bloggers would have been more likely to submit/nominate posts if I was a more popular blogger. I also pondered if what I felt to be low participation was actually a reaction to the legal-ese style of my informed consent form and all that IRB-required business. Or if I was just being insecure.

What do you think is the best/worst aspect of blog carnivals?

Best - They create cool communities.
Worst - Like many things on the internet, there are a lot of them; I wonder if good blog carnivals get lost in cyberspace (which would be sad, methinks).

Do you belong to or consider yourself a member of any online community? How do you define these communities?

Thus far, I have managed to avoid MySpace, but I may have fallen prey to a certain book of faces.

I'm working on the definition party - the deadline is May. Right now, I'm thinking Benedict Anderson style. Maybe?

Do you think that activism can be carried out online? What are the possibilities of such activism?

Hell, yeah! Too many to name...

Do you think that feminist activism is being conducted online? If so, can you think of any examples?


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