Sunday, October 22, 2006

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Excuses, Excuses

So, a few people have mentioned to me that I don't really post all that often or that the posts that I've put up are really not that "interesting" yet. Very true! As a grad student, I'm balancing lots of academic (required) writing and research with the desire to blog my heart out. Sure, sometimes I get a hankering to write about a debate on legalized abortion that I attended or a baffling episode of the Colbert Report (A Salute to the American Lady)...but then I consider the hundreds of pages of reading that I have to finish by the end of the week, or the exams I need to grade, or the fact that I can't remember the last time I cleaned my bathroom and...well. I spend a lot of time researching my thesis and sometimes that research competes with being a good blogger about my thesis (I know, the two should really work hand in hand). I hope you won't give up on A Blog Without a Bicycle - things are a little uphill right now, but they will speed up once we switch gears. (Too much with the bicycle analogy? Yes.)

Okay, so, as I promised - whining will be kept at a minimum - end whine.

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