Monday, November 13, 2006

Origin of the Species

...of blog carnivals, that is...

So, it only makes sense that in a writing a M.A. thesis on blog carnivals that one would include information about the origin of blog carnivals. No?

Well, here's where it gets tricky: there's not exactly some academic reference or source (that I know of, of course) to consult about the evolution of blog carnivals. Sure, there's a lot of information about Bhaktin if you do a search for "carnival," but if you add in blog...well, those academic search engines just get confused and send back zero results in protest.

Okay, so I decide to pursue other venues where my search terms are not invalid. Google. Wikipedia. The usual suspects. And uh-oh! We get into that whole bit of conflicting stories on the internet. Who (and what) to believe?

Generally, the Carnival of Vanities is given credit by most folks in the blogosphere as being the original, the longest running original, or just about the original blog carnival. In fact, I couldn't find any information that would contest this attribution. But before I go asserting the primacy of the Carnival of Vanities, I want to be sure that I have my facts straight.

Genealogy is tough work. Personally, I can only trace my family back 2.5 generations. So, why would I be any more adept at mapping out the family tree of blog carnivals?

Yes, this post is indeed a cry for help.

Do you know the history of blog carnivals? Do you have something to say about the history of blog carnivals? Would you like to correct my misperceptions about the history of blog carnivals? Then please do email me at ablogwithoutabicycle(at)gmail(dot)com. I will be forever in indebted to you! And I will share the knowledge with other inquiring minds. Promise.

Thanks for all of your support, fellow bloggers. YOU ROCK! And you make my M.A. thesis possible. : )

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  1. One thought - if you contact the people on Blog Carnival, , who I've found to be very helpful, they might be a useful source - they have been around for quite a long while in web terms.

    You might also ask a Bonfire of the Vanities host to put out a call, since as you say the common origin story says that was the first, and there might be some people who remember the early days who'd like to share some memories.


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