Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Agree or Disagree?

"Is blogging self-expression, personal publishing, amateur journalism, the biggest disruptive technology since email, an online community, alternative media, curriculum for students, a customer relations strategy, knowledge management, navel gazing, a solution to boredom, a style of writing, e-mail to everyone, a fad, the answer to illiteracy, an online persona, social networking, rêsumê fodder, phonecam pictures, or something to hide from your mother? It’s all of these and more."
-Biz Stone

In all of my zeal to track the genealogy of blogging, it seems that I skipped over the step of first defining what is a blog (or, perhaps, the need for definition only arises after reading so many parallel yet divergent creation myths). So, I thought I would ask you. Again.

What is that which we call a blog? A blog by any other name, would it be as sweet to read?

(...And, yes, I am in the midst of a thesis writing frenzy. Deadlines inspire...panic inspires...writing achieves...thesis required for...graduation yields...unemployment - another story entirely!)

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