Thursday, February 15, 2007

And what would people say if a therapy was offered to cure heterosexuality? (And it kept getting news coverage ad naseum?)


And, in case you were wondering NYTimes editors, sex, gender, and sexuality are distinct, yet related, identity categories; you should be watching for such precision of language - lest you confuse the "public." Le sigh.

Judith Butler, I ask you once more, please save us all!

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  1. hi, i'm another one who's been silently reading your blog. thought i'd say hi. interestingly, i got my MA from the same program you're currently in, and even took a class with tr. i stumbled across this blog-thesis extravaganza after seeing something come through the alumni listserv. nice job with the daily updating this month. :)

  2. Thanks for saying hullo, Gina. Feel free to send an email my way if you are interested in participating in an interview...Hope all is well with life post-GWU WSTU.


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