Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catalogue Me!


Did you know that weblogs qualify to receive ISSN numbers? For US residents, you can visit the Library of Congress's ISSN for Serials website and register your blog; I believe a link to non-US registration sites is available on the page as well.

As a big geek who spends a lot of time doing library research, this fact (courtesy of The Weblog Handbook) tickled me. I mean, I use ISSN and accension numbers to procure articles all the time. To think that other researchers could find me that way...Like whoa.

Of course, I will probably gain more "publicity" just by keeping a public blog. And the idea of getting an ISSN assignment might be passe - a throwback to the debate about whether or not bloggers should be eligible for press passes.

But thesis-writers love a good distraction. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/20/2007
Apparently, "personal blogs" are not eligible for ISSNs. It is unclear to me how the Library of Congress defines "personal blogs" from the material they sent to me, but perhaps multi-author blogs still qualify for ISSNs.

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