Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coming Attractions

Peer Review...And You!

So, we've already talked about the fact that I am a little shy about going on the record with the conclusions that I am drawing from my thesis research. I think that my knees first started knocking when I was describing my project in my feminist methodologies course last semester and, in regards to my plan to ask for feedback from the blogosphere, one of my classmates responded, "Oh, god bless you." Visions of a (highly stereotyped) feminist feeding frenzy began to dance in my head...

Of course, my actual experience in the blogosphere has not been as such. Far from being critical or resistant, feminist bloggers have generally been supportive. In fact, I've found the suggestions that have been sent my way to be tre helpful. Therefore, despite my stage fright, I am actually looking forward to your constructive criticism as I begin to post sections of my thesis for peer review.

Peer review? Well, yeah! Usually in academia, your "peers" are limited to journal reviewers, dissertation committees, thesis advisors, etc. From my feminist perspective, however, I feel that it would be unethical to exclude the community I am writing about from being able to weigh in while my project is still in early stages of revision. You, the feminist bloggers, are the real experts (I'm still a newbie here). You probably know a lot more about the feminist blogosphere than just about anyone else. And you probably have the greatest stake in how you are portrayed in academia (or, as the recent John Edwards campaign business illustrated, to the public in general). So! I welcome your feedback. You can post comments or email ablogwithoutabicycle(at)gmail(dot)com as chapter pieces go up. And, I will be posting in pieces, as chapter length is a bit at odds with short and savory blog post standards.

Questions I have about my work:
1. Did I leave anything out? Are there any sources that I should pursue to make my research more complete? Am I giving readers the full picture?
2. Do you disagree with any of the points that I made? Why?
3. Do you particularly agree with any of the arguments that I made? Why?
4. Are there any questions that you think are important or that you are interested in that I feel like I am not pursuing?
5. Are there any questions that I am pursuing that you think are not particularly important or that you are not really interested in?

I appreciate your willingness to collaborate in my project. Kudos - and credit - to you!

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  1. "Did I leave anything out?" you ask.

    Out of what? Where is your research?

    All I see is a bunch of posts that reveal nothing. Am I missing something?

  2. Excerpts from my thesis are "coming attractions." Check back over the next few days and there shall be posts to peer review!


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