Sunday, February 11, 2007

damali ayo

But would anyone rent a feminist?

Check out performance artist damali ayo's cool website. Creator of web-famous projects like, ayo presents thought-provoking art that focuses mainly on race and the legacy of slavery in the United States. And there's even a reality series!

ayo's it's-funny-but-it-hurts approach to opening discussion about dealing with white mis-conceptions of African American culture in made me wonder: Have I been missing out as a feminist who is constantly asked to speak on behalf of all f-word identified individuals in the world? Should I be charging a fee for my one-on-one feminist (re)education program? And, if so, what fees should apply? How much is a "not a sexist vouch" worth? Or what about a 100 words or less explanation of an aspect of feminist theory? And sound-byte definitions of feminisms (a hot commodity and top seller, for sure!)?

Nevermind hosting ads on blogs. Feminist bloggers, start charging for your wisdom with comprehensive fees. Such a policy promises big bucks!

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