Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feminist Self-Promotion

There are lots of reasons that individuals blog - to share ideas, to connect with communities, to keep in touch with friends, to create social or activist networks, to have fun...Many feminist bloggers focus on themes such as calls to activism and integrating feminist ideals into their personal lives. In her blog Girl With Pen, feminist Deborah Siegel takes on another important issue - self-promotion. While detailing her book tour for her latest publication, Only Child, Deborah also discusses her views on current events, feminist happenings, and other items of interest. Shameless self-promotion, selling out, or taking feminism to the mainstream? I think of Deborah's project as a step towards making the feminist movement more visible, and in a positive light at that. Hey, if corporations and individuals whose politics I disagree with brand themselves with huge success via the blogopshere, then I definitely want feminists to utilize these tools for furthering feminist goals! And I think Deborah is providing a great example.

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