Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hire this Girl

Looking to Make It on the Feminist Job Market

So, I've been slogging away at my thesis hardcore of late. And I started to wonder, why am I such a big procrastinator? Is it the allure of the blogosphere, the temptation to follow an endless list of links? Is it acquired attention deficeit? Is is the graduate student condition? Is it the fact that daytime television inspires car wreck fascination? Is it the other graduate work (2 classes!) that I need to complete?

OR is it the fear that once I finish my thesis, I will *really* graduate and then I will *really* need to find a job - and I'm not quite completely sure what I want to do besides working with feminism on a daily basis to work towards a more equitabale world? Oh, and world peace...

Yup, the last one is a doozie. And on point. So, I thought that I would put my musings out into the feminist blogosphere and work the network, if you will.

Top 5 Jobs I Think I Would Like:
1. Coordinator or director of university-level women's center (students, activism, research, publication editing, special events!)
2. Coordinator or director of young women's leadership program (young women, activism, event planning, energy!)
3. Non-proift employee extraordinaire at an organization focused on women's issues (making feminist change happen - on a budget!)
4. Independent scholar (get paid to research what one is already interested in!)
5. Creative writer (words, words, words!)

I will also really miss teaching after I graduate, so I'm hopeful that I will be able to incorporate learning/teaching into my future employ. And editorial work. I find it really fun to create publications. Publishable products!

I'm also interested in hearing about what experiences folks have had working the above fields, or just the feminist workplace in general. Loves? Hates? Surprises?

So, any ideas? I really need to figure this, er, research question out by May 20th...

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