Saturday, February 17, 2007


Mandatory Vaccinations?

What do people think about the recent trend in making the HPV vaccine mandatory? Given the history of poor development of reproductive health care for women (ie, the initial testing of the birth control pill), I am always a bit skeptical about such new technologies. I'm also aware of WHO will be most effected by legal requirements (ie, the requirement for public school kids) and in what ways (ie, it's very expensive). At the same time, certain forms of cervical cancer are preventable with the vaccine - great!

I'm also very interested in the assumptions here about sex/gender/sexuality. The vaccine is being aimed at heterosexual women, but there has been proven benefits for other populations. So, why are 6th grade girls seemingly the only people at whom marketing and laws are being aimed? Can we really eradicate/prevent STIs if only part of effected populations are educated and treated?

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  1. Not that I'm anyone special but since you asked:

    It should be treated like any similar vaccine.

    It sounds like it's not fully proven yet so probably ought not be mandatory. On the other hand, it appears to be effective and low-risk so should be encouraged - for both sexes.

    My opinion is it should be available to anyone that wants it and for whom it is approved and paid for in the same way all other, similar vaccines are paid for.

    And, as usual, lobbyists and fundies of all flavors should stfu.

  2. I've been puzzled by this for a while now. Why aren't they pushing to vaccinate the boys as well?


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