Sunday, February 25, 2007


Soroity Sisterhood?

Okay, so before I begin, I must admit that as an undergrad I was horribly biased against the Greek system. Now that I am no longer at a women's college, however, I can see how female undergrads could benefit from the sisterly space created by a soroity on a co-ed campus. I'm still mightly suspicious of many aspects of the Greek system, but I think there are some groups that do create a community that is beneficial to undergrads (networking, educational programs, support systems, community service opportunities, etc).

To the point...I kind of hate that image-ism is what is drawing attention to soroities today. Sure, there are some frightening (understatement!) standards imposed by some organizations. But what about groups who aren't fulfilling this stereotype? The situation is complicated. No, I don't want certain aspects of stereotypical soroity culture to continue, but I also don't want positive developments in the Greek system to be stifled by too much focus on older elements that are (hopefully) being phased out.

That being said, membership-only clubs always slide the slippery slope of isms in terms of their inherent exclusivity. Overly inclusive coalitions, however, can be diluted in terms of their ability to effect change. But I am more suspicious of cool kids clubs than I am of open communities.

Off to ponder...

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