Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bye, Bye Birth Control!

Or at least to affordable access...

I am not happy with this court ruling.

No insurance coverage for hormonal contraceptives or barrier devices for women. No insurance coverage for barrier devices or surgical interventions for men. Apparently, contraception has nothing to do with pregnancy. Perhaps this assessment was generated by the lack of information (or purposeful misinformation) created by the Bush administration's abstinence-only sex ed. plan? Okay, kids, here's how it works. When a man and a woman...

I just wish that instead of debating health care coverage or the "morality" of medical procedures that the left and the right in the United States could just work together to create an environment in which all individuals (regardless of race, class, sex, education, orientation, religion, location, etc) could have access to what they need to create sexually healthy lives. It would really be good for everyone!

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