Sunday, March 25, 2007

Calling All Bloggers...

Interviews Still Available!

As you've noticed, several bloggers have agreed to participate in interviews to support my M.A. thesis project. I've had some great conversations about the feminist blogosphere with these folks - and I would love to have more. The more interviews that I do, the better my perspective of the feminist blogosphere will be. And the better my research will represent what's really going on with feminism in cyberspace. This is your chance to have your say about online activism; do take me up on the offer! I can offer you a featured link on my blog with a copy of our interview transcript (if you would like to publicize our interview).

So, post a comment on the blog with your contact information or, if you prefer more privacy, email me at ablogwithoutabicyle(at)blogspot(dot)com. I'd really love to chat with you!

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