Saturday, April 21, 2007

From the Cutting Room Floor

Killing My Darlings

No, that's not a reference to a slasher film. A friend back in college once quoted a famous editor, whose name I now forget, who used to refer to the editing process as "killing one's darlings." I am terrible at killing my darlings; I can barely work myself up to change words or phrases - nevermind sacrificing whole sentences. In fact, I usually just end up being more verbose in attempts to correctLuckily, I have a great thesis committee who are keeping me on editorial track.

But I'm still having a hard time letting the following dear ones the following turns of phrase:

An example of undermining my own argument that had to go:
Of course, one could challenge this assessment of blog carnivals as carnivalesque spaces because of the many differences between the carnivals Bakhtin describes and weblog carnivals. For example, an important aspect of medieval carnivals and literary carnival is the use of the grotesque. Although some bloggers may include elements of the grotesque in their blog postings, the grotesque is not an implicit component of blog carnivals. Despite such disjunctures, the spirit of the carnival, however, is maintained in feminist blog carnivals in the way that they provide a venue for challenging official narratives.

Easy, breezy, beautiful prose that is stylistically distracting:
The description that these bloggers provide of feminism is somewhat similar to that given by feminist writers Jennifer Baumgardener and Amy Richards in Manifesta: Young Women, Feminsm and the Future: “for anyone born after the early 1960s, the presence of feminism in our lives is taken for granted. For our generation [third wave feminists], feminism is like fluoride. We scarcely even notice that we have it – it’s simply there.” Or, perhaps more accurately, feminism is to these bloggers like fluoride is to their teeth. Teeth are a key component of one’s being and whether they recently started treating their teeth with fluoride or have always been doing so, these bloggers have a difficult time imagining life without the integrity of their fluoride-treated teeth.

Darlings, you're out! And I mourn you...

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