Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Girls Afraid of Being Geeks?

What's really going on with women and computer science?

I found this recent article by the NYTimes to be a bit puzzling. In attempting to assess why women seem to be entering the field of computer science in smaller numbers than men, one issue that the reporter did not consider was sexism. Sexism in terms of what fields women are encouraged to puruse. Sexism in terms of how women are treated once they enter a field. Given the experiences of Kathy Sierra, I would say that investigating how gender shapes inviduals experience in information technology fields is very important. But is the only reason that women do not pursue this career path the fact that pocket protectors aren't the best accessories?

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  1. Gender in the classroom is such an interesting thing. I always thought women dominated enrollment in English, before I got to my Ph.D. It seems like no matter how open and inclusive the undergraduate programs are (and many more are today than even a decade ago), it can sometimes look as though grad school still has some element of being a boy's club.


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