Monday, April 16, 2007

Part 2

I welcome your Peer Review!

For the sake of time, I uploaded Part 2 of my thesis as PDF document as opposed to doing all of the necessary edititing to display it in the text of a blog post. Please check out Part 2! When reading this installment of my thesis, note that some interviews are still in progress, so this section will be updated once those interviews have been completed and I integrate the information I gather from these interviews into my thesis.

And, for those of you who want to review Part 1, here are the links to the previous installments:

First Installment: Introduction

Second Installment: That Which We Call a Blog?

Third Installment: From Blogs to Blog Carnivals and Beyond

Fourth Installment:The Myth of Internet Democracy

Fifth Installment: The Imagined Communities of Blog Communities

Sixth Installment: The Public-o-sphere

UPDATE 4/17/07:
Looking for the tables?

Looking for the figures?

Apologies for forgetting to upload them in the original post!

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