Saturday, April 07, 2007

Second Interview with Suze

Suze of Personal Political and I finished our interview exchange. Kudos to Suze!


A Blog Without a Bicycle: In our previous exchange, you mentioned that you think of a feminist blog as those written by women that focus on improving women’s position in the world. Generally, your assessment reflects what I’ve seen on the web in the feminist blogosphere. I am wondering, however, about your opinion on men’s role in feminism. In your opinion, can a man be a feminist (some regional differences dictate how this label can be applied)? Should men participate in the feminist blogosphere? If so, how? And, have you observed any male bloggers writing on feminist issues? What did you think about their efforts?

Suze: I think men can be pro-feminist and active supporters of the women's movement (and of individual women) but personally I prefer to reserve the word 'feminist' for women (though both women and men can be anti-feminist!)

I've seen some men participating in the feminist blogosphere, mainly around the issue of parenting – they keep their own blogs about parenthood and comment (positively) on feminist mothers' blogs and a community grows from there.

On the general political blogs, such as the Australian one I belong to, women usually post on the typically feminist issues, such as abortion and contraception, but many pro-feminist men join in on the comments threads. I like to see men engage with other men on these issues.

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