Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sexing Up My Thesis

Fact: I am no graphic designer.

But I do try! Several individuals have indicated that they would prefer a "sexier" version of my thesis that is prettily formatted. I agree that presentation counts. So, I am trying to oblige to the degree that my skills allow. A few self-publishing snafus that I've run into:

1. Cover Art: I can make a pretty cover using PowerPoint. That is about the extent of my software access. So, if you would like to participate in the "design a cover" contest - do jump in!

2. Hyperlinks: Is there a way to keep hyperlinks live when one PDFs a document? My thesis is full of link love in MS Word format, but I know a PDF document would be more accessible to folks. Losing links might be a trade off, but I just thought I would ask about this dilemma.


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  1. This is the web - how 'bout a nice HTML version?

  2. While HTML does sound nice, my thesis is over 200 pages long and has hundreds of references to boot. I think it might take me the entirety of the summer to break it down into blog posts and then code it. So, in for the sake of being timely, it seems that the PDF option might be the most efficient. Unless folks have other suggestions...


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