Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Behemoth Arriveth

The Thesis is Here!

My M.A. thesis has been accepted by the George Washington University. I have finished my course work successfully. All in all, I am ready to graduate with a M.A. in Women's Studies - and I will soon. But, before I take a sabatical from academia to pursue...well, I'm still working on my next pursuit...but I do want to share my thesis with the feminist blogosphere and respond to questions, comments, critiques, etc.

As my thesis is rather long (my thesis advisor now points out each time we meet), I want to give folks the weekend (at least) to leisurely peruse my work. Then, I would propose that I field Q&A from readers. People can submit their thoughts in the comment thread on my thesis post, or they can email me at ablogwithoutabicycle(at)gmail(dot)com. I will respond to all questions I receive by Monday, May 14th at 5:00 PM EST by Wednesday, May 16th. I'm open to other ideas that folks have for thesis-launch events.

After next week, my blogging schedule may be erratic. I will be moving, job searching, establishing my life after college, etc. I'll also be thinking about whether I should continue blogging here, or if it would be more appropriate to start a new blog now that my thesis project has been completed.

So! It's an exciting time. Thanks to everyone who helped me to get this far - in my thesis project and life in general.

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