Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shameless Feminist

As someone in the midst of the agony that is job searching and career planning, this NYTimes article really hit home for me in terms of its message about self-promotion or, more accurately, good marketing of oneself. Because of socialized modesty and other sticky gender constructs, many women struggle to develop the brag-vado needed to successfully market themselves and to network effectively (theWoodhull Insitute for Ethical Leadership provides great trainings on developing these skills). But, to succeed in the current brand-heavy business world, you *must* self-promote - there's no shame in it, or the success it brings.

Go forth, and shamelessly self-promote. All the feminists are doing it...

Big thanks to E.W. for this link, and for all of her inspiring advice. At 19, she cold called her way into an internship. An amazing lady and great example!

And I must share her mentor-y inspiration for today as a final thought:
My only real advice is that in the end, everyone should follow their heart. I just believe that most people get tripped up either by not following their heart because of what they "think" they should be doing with life, or they are lost in terms of how to execute the path of the heart. But you know what? That's the point...that's what life is about. Figuring out how to nativate the world, make mistakes and learn along the way. It took me a long time to figure that out and still trying to follow through

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