Sunday, August 12, 2007

Equal Pay for Equal Work

A recent NPR news story described a study that revealed that women who negotiate for better salaries and benefits are viewed more negatively than men who do the same. So, not only are women genderally under-compensated when compared to men, but if the ladies attempt to do the smart professional thing and negotiate their packages, they risk not only making a "bad impression" but also stunting their careers. Of course, no one seems to have a problem with dudes agressively pursuing better compensation for their work. ?!?!

As someone who frequently encourages her fellow females to NEGOTIATE, I was a bit flumoxed by this sad fact. Women lose $750,000 over the course of their lifetime because they do not negotiate their package for their first job when compared to the earnings of a man in the same position who does negotiate. But it seems like social stigma - or at least expectations - mean that women who negotiate are still in a tight spot.

And I really don't think the answer is for women to create a new, kinder, gentler form of pay negotiation. It's not about working the system here - this system is not working for women - and many other folks who face discrimination in the workplace - and we should get rid of it.

My solution: How about we ditch the sexism et al. and compensate individuals - regardless of gender and various other identity categories - justly for their hard work?

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