Monday, August 13, 2007

I (Still) Want a Wife

According to the NYTimes, it's a sad but true fact that working women are still pining after the fantasy of having a wife of their own to help out with the reproductive labor at home. Leaving me to wonder...Since women have been pointing out the problem with work/life balance and unfair divisions of domestic labor for decades, how is it that we have not made much progress on these issues yet?

This article really made me aware of the fact that even though my BFF and I kid about being each others "wives" and how we could be perfect domestic divas together, the truth behind the joke is not really funny. Because the "humor" is coming from how limited our options seem when it comes to setting up a homestead arrangement that is truly supportive of our lives as women - personally and professionally.

My question: How can we get the revolution started? Whether in "traditional" heterosexual relationships or other arrangements, how can a girl today establish a balance between work and life? What needs to change? And who needs to step up and support such necessary changes?

Via E.W.

Update provides an excellent analysis of the NYTimes article in question. Pointing out that women want a personal assistant more than they want a wife, Tracy Clark-Flory writes,
The bigger challenge, though -- which applies in different ways to both couples and singles, men and women -- is working under a corporate model that relies on a vision of domestic life that plain doesn't exist for most people anymore.
Right on, and exactly the point I want to emphasize.

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