Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Next Feminist Wave...Will Be Online

In a recent interview with The Nation, Jessica Valenti of Feministing predicted that the next wave of feminism will be online:
I'm really positive that the fourth wave is going to be online feminism, just because of the outreach capability itself. It's really insane. A teenager did a Google search on Jessica Simpson, and she got directed to Feministing, because we wrote about Jessica Simpson's creepy dad. And now this girl is a regular reader. Which is a really subversive, awesome thing, I think it's happening on Myspace and Facebook too.
Online feminism lets you choose what you want to be interested in, lets you decide your own level of engagement, which is really important form women in terms of letting their politics into their everyday lives. So that's what I think, and I swear it has nothing to do with my blog.*

To which I must say - right on. That's why this blog is bicycle-less and riding the cyberwave, for sure.

*Emphasis added.

Via Girl with Pen

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