Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanks for all...

Honoring Our Teachers

Deborah Siegel over at Girl with Pen tagged me in a meme
dedicated to "giving personal and public credit to one’s best teachers." (A great holiday alternative, if you ask me.)

With full awareness that I will probably leave far too many folks out, here goes...

1. My mum, because she raised me to be a feminist without me even knowing it
2. My baby brother, because he is my hero and my role model
3. Ms. Cutrer, because she was the first person to tell me that I was a good writer in fourth grade (and because she was right - my abstract thinking style was better suited to calculus and physics than it was to arithmetic)
4. My pen pals, because in a pre-internet age, we supported each other through adolescence
5. Ms. Susan Rice Patton, because she freely became my advocate in high school even when she did not have to
6. Timea Szell, because she is the best undergraduate adviser anyone could ever hope for
7. Barnard College, because I *am* a strong, intelligent, beautiful Barnard woman
8. All the folks who supported me in grad school, because I finished my degree with your help
9. Allison Kimmich, because she is an outstanding mentor
10. My "wife" (aka bff), because she is patient and willing to discuss the hard topics (ie, racism, classism, sexism, etc)
11. My roomie, because it's nice to live someone you can grow with and because she blogs about our adventures

I've passed the meme along...and will update links if other folks choose to participate.

Please note that as my M.A. thesis project is complete, the George Washington University is no longer overseeing research conducted in conjunction with this blog (effective June 2007 to present). The Informed Consent Materials created while this blog was under GWU's IRB oversight are still available for your information and the principles outlined in them are still being used as a general guide for my continued work.

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