Friday, February 02, 2007

Money, Money, Money

So, I live in a capitalist society. And I am very aware about how the patriarchal-capitalist values that exist in my culture (United States) put women at a disadvantage: 75 cents on a man's dollar, mommy tracking, tax benefits for housewifery versus career, old boy's network...So, when I started reading about how blogs can be used to create revenue, I immediately thought about multiple streams of income - diversifying one's personal portfolio, if you will. A good strategy for financial wealth, or at least health, is to have more than one source of income. Now, this does not mean working six jobs. Instead, it means finding additional ways, especially those that require little effort, to supplement one's income. So, if you are a personal trainer, turn your personal training program into a book. Make money from your expertise without needing to meet with individual clients; let them read your book instead. Or, more traditionally, invest in a few good stocks. Earn returns.

And what does this have to do with blogging? Well, you can put ads on your blog. Your blog could make money for you!

But...that could also be considered selling out.

But...women are generally economically disadvantaged. Shouldn't we get to work the system? Shouldn't we stick it to the man? Or just get to be creative, financially-savvy businesswomen?

Do feminist bloggers feature ads on their blogs? What do most feminist bloggers do generally? Is there a stance in the feminist blogosphere about ads? Would a feminist blog be able to generate significant revenue? Does the inclusion of ads change a feminist blog? Is there a way to incorporate ads that is more feminist? Are there any corporate blogs doing advertising in a feminist way?

In other words, are ads a good thing for feminist bloggers? I know I wouldn't right all of the financial woes of women by going on a add-ads-on-your-blog-campaign (and, as a researcher, I ethically could not post them on my blog). But every little bit helps, right? Or wrong?

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