Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Carnival of Feminists #30

Check out the 30th Carnival of Feminists on The Feminist Pulse.

You'll notice that Jaymi features the work of yours truly; she writes (very complimentarily, may I add):

"Speaking of the feminist blogosphere in general, we have *e letting us in on the research she's doing about the feminist blogosphere, of which her blog A Blog Without A Bicycle is part. I'm really excited about her research because I'm especially interested in this topic. She gives basically her entire outline, and it's a mouthwatering read. Her research proposal is entitled: Carnival Collectivities: Blogging and the Formation of Online Feminist Networks. YUMMM!!"

Big thanks to Jaymi for hosting the carnival and for the props!

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Alpha Beta

Resistant to Change?

I'm not sure how I feel about the new Blogger. I mean, sure, yes, definitely, it has a lot of new user-friendly features. But, as I had just gotten comfortable enough with my HTML skills to really utilize the old platform, I was a little miffed by the sudden introduction of a new system (those who are tech-savvy, please do not die from my poor use of terminology here). I'm not qualified to give a technology review here; I'm just resistant to change.

The availability of free blogging software, however, is what has made the blogosphere what it is today (according to quite a few folks). The introduction of Blogger.com in 1999 is often cited as the catalyst for the blogging boom. So, I have to wonder. Will the new Blogger format change the face of blogging again? Is this the beginning of another new and exciting wave of blogging? Or are updates in blogging technology just par for the course at this point? No big exciting news - just new.

Hm...Points to ponder.

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