Friday, February 09, 2007

A Watched Blog...

Dear Blog Abby,

So, since I've committed myself to posting more regularly (daily updates, folks! DAILY!), I've become more and more obsessed with checking my blog throughout the day to see if anyone has commented on it. I also added a site meter to my main page, which has further increased my curiousity about who is reading my blog, when they are reading my blog, and why they chose not to comment on my blog (which is fine, really - I appreciate peeps just stopping by). I find myself facing strange cravings in the middle of the night that encourage me to log onto Blogger after my bedtime. Did anyone write anything yet? Has someone written something now? Comment? Comments? Maybe I'm just too excited about having obtained final IRB approval (interviews!). Maybe thesis writers(or at least this thesis writer)are just big procrastinators (funny, I should be concentrating on a draft right now, hm). Maybe I shouldn't act so desperate; maybe it's unattractive. But I really do look forward to reading your comments. You can always post anonymously, just for the sake of my morale (Mum? Not even my mum?).

...Or maybe you are all just too busy authoring your own interesting blog posts. Hm...Maybe you could just post a link?

Lonely in the land of thesis writing

PS "Lonely in the land of thesis writing" should not be confused with Elizabeth-behind-in-meeting-her-chapter-submission-deadlines by any thesis advisors or readers. No, not at all...

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