Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Posting of the Thesis

How do you want it to go?

So, I am quickly approaching the point at which I will be ready to post the final and official draft of my thesis. Hurrah! This accomplishment, however, does raise a few questions. Like...

1. Would you rather see my thesis in the format in which I submitted it to the college (lots of formatting requirements) or in a sexier, better designed lay out form? And, if a nicer layout would take more time, would you mind?

2. What type of "activities" would you be interested in around the release of my thesis? A live online chat, Q&A sessions via blog posts, streamed audio interviews, thesis copy signings and pictures with the author (okay, so I'm joking about this last one)?

3. Is the posting my thesis as PDF file accessible for most folks? (PDFing gurus - I have some questions - send help!) If not, suggestions?

Basically, I'm just asking what would best serve the feminist blogosphere in how I present the final report of my research. So, let me know! And, if you want to contact me anonymously, feel free to shoot an email to ablogwithoutabicycle(at)gmail(dot)com; just indicate that you would like to remain anonymous.


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HPV Debate Continues

Lawmakers in Texas have blocked the mandatory vaccination of tween-age girls entering 6th grade (read more here).
Apparently, the mixture of "under-age girls, cancer, and sex had proven too volatile" for Govenor Rick Perry, who had sponsored the bill that was vetoed.

I do hold the recommendation for vaccinations of young girls (why not boys?) to be suspect, but I also do think that *not* talking about "under-age girls, cancer, and sex" is perhaps more dangerous. Let's have healthy and balanced debates about health and health care - and provide individuals with enough information to make informed decisions.

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