Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Am I On Your Blog Roll?

More Importantly, Should You Be On Mine?

So, I was doing a little navel gazing (look! I have an innie!) and checking out the old site meter. When I was browsing my referrals, I came across some cool blogs that list me on their blogroll (thanks!). The blogroll here is a bit sparse, which is something that I have been trying to make up for via GoogleReader's cute little widget (points to right sidebar). But! I'm always looking for a few good blogs to read - and I love expanding my RSS subscriptions (the joy of getting a magazine in the mail, but free! and at a computer near you).

My invitation to you: If you want to share your blog with me and would even be interested in being linked here, please share your info in the comments section. Or, if you want to share a must-read weblog with the ABWAB community, please do so, too!

Please note that as my M.A. thesis project is complete, the George Washington University is no longer overseeing research conducted in conjunction with this blog (effective June 2007 to present). The Informed Consent Materials created while this blog was under GWU's IRB oversight are still available for your information and the principles outlined in them are still being used as a general guide for my continued work.


  1. This could be more than you're really after, but I make all the blogs I've tagged 'feminist' publically available:

    Some of them are more tangential than others, and some just post feminist or of interest to feminists stuff often enough but not all the time...

  2. funny...after all these years of keeping up my blogroll (on a previous blog), I'm thinking not having one is good for my new site.'re very welcome to come on over and then add me to your RSS reader. ;-)

    Part of it is that I'm too busy to keep up the blogroll and the other is that I'm trying to not get hung up on sites that don't list me. Gotta let go of the ego thing...a bit.


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