Monday, July 21, 2008

Republic of Gilead?

Why Americans Should Fear for Their Reproductive Rights

Ever feel like you're trapped in a dystopian novel? The Bush administration's recent push to redefine abortion so broadly that birth control and emergency contraceptive would be considered as such has made me feel a little like I woke up in Margaret Atwood's The Hand Maid's Tale. Don't get me wrong - I love that book - it's a great feminist read. But it certainly isn't on my list of novels to come true in real life (I'm more interested in attending Hogwarts than being re-educated to be a walking womb).

Luckily, Senator Hillary Clinton has a post up over at RH Reality check that gives me hope that I will avoid wearing a red cloak...

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  1. Yes, well this is what happens when we get complacent. It was naive to think that once they had limited abortion access all they could via the states that birth control wouldn't be next.

    It's about control not when life begins or the sanctity of life. And that is what it has always been about for the puppet-masters who use the religious right to do their bidding.


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