Monday, August 11, 2008

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WMC Daily News Brief: Media Justice, Clinton, Zimbabwe

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Long Walk to 'Media Justice' For SA Women
8/8/08, S. Africa: As South Africa celebrates another Women's Day and Women's Month, the media comes under the microscope, challenged and put to the test by analysts and gender activists who deplore what they call 'unfair', 'sexist' and 'discriminatory' treatment of women by the Fourth-Estate, which is supposed to be the voice of the voiceless and vulnerable groups.

In Wake of Hillary Clinton Bid, Democrats' Platform May Denounce Sexism
LA Times: It's not exactly the language they preferred, but a group of women who had supported Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid is happy with a proposed Democratic Party platform plank that denounces sexism.

Rights Lawyers to Investigate Rape in Zimbabwe

VOA News: AIDS-Free World, an international advocacy group, says it is sending a team of lawyers to Zimbabwe to collect evidence of mass sexual violence, which it says is part of an anti-opposition campaign by supporters of President Robert Mugabe.


Broadcasting & Cable: The American Civil Liberties Union, flanked by unions representing directors and actors, told the Supreme Court the Federal Communications Commission has no business regulating any speech short of outright obscenity.

Roles of Clintons at Convention Start to Clear
NY Times: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are negotiating the delicate question of her role at the Democratic convention in Denver and in the campaign beyond. But at least the convention role of former President Bill Clinton, has been settled with the decision Thursday that he would be speaking at the convention.

McCain, Obama Tiptoe Across Vice Presidential Minefield
LA Times: Obama has heard complaints from women's advocates about possible No. 2 contenders whom they do not see as strong supporters of abortion rights. "That is causing a lot of heartburn" for abortion rights supporters, said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women.

Official Says New Rules Are Not Anti-Birth Control
AP via Seattle Times: Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt attempted to ease concerns Thursday that the Bush administration is planning to issue new rules that would limit women's access to birth control.

Kosovo Lives: Not Gone with the Wind
BBC News: The Americans evacuated three Slovenian-Serb women from Urosevac in 2004, to save them from Albanian rioters, who then destroyed the house.
But the Nikolic women have refused to join the thousands of other non-Albanians who fled. They argue that K-For failed to defend their property and removed them against their will.

Violence Linked to Rapid Rise of AIDS in Women
Women's eNews: Health officials at a global AIDS conference in Mexico City this week highlighted the growing feminization of the pandemic and its link to gender violence. The U.N. may form a women's agency that advocates say could mount a more effective response.

Lack of Access to Female Condoms Vilified
8/8/08, CN: Once touted as a key tool in the fight against HIV-AIDS, a way of empowering women whose partners shun traditional condoms, the female condom has largely been forgotten.The fault lies not with the product itself but with set-in-their-ways policy makers, the international aid group Oxfam says in a scathing new report.

Common Treatment For Infertility Ineffective: Study
AFP: A drug taken by millions of women in recent decades to improve the chances of conceiving a child yields the same results as no treatment at all, according to a study published Friday.

Beginning Her Career Purely By Accident

Boston Globe: A young woman from Philadelphia, an amateur musician with career aspirations elsewhere, writes and sings a few songs for personal use. Next thing you know, Melody Gardot is the new sensation in sultry vocal jazz. But inextricably woven into the blossoming of Melody Gardot is the horrific accident that nearly killed her four years ago.

Olympic Outlook: View From the Executive Seat
Wall St. Journal: Anita L. DeFrantz, an Olympic bronze medalist and a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1986, discusses her role in the Olympics over the years and her push to increase the number of women's events on the Olympic program.

Swimmer Inspires Sisters to Shoot for Beijing
NY Times: At a camp for aspiring swimmers at Stanford University in 2000, Dara Torres met Sandra and Danielle Fong, 10 and 8 years old, who dreamed of one day becoming Olympic athletes. Torres gave them the medal she had recently won for breaking the American record in the 50 meters at the Santa Clara International Invitational.

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