Monday, May 05, 2008

and then, the feminist interwebs exploded

You may have noticed that ABWAB has been a little quiet of late. It could be that i am horribly addicted to Google Reader and have been substituting sharing for full-fleshed posting. Or it could be that I've been out of doors enjoying the cheerful spring weather sans computer. Or that, as someone experiencing her first year as a non-student, I have an unhealthy relationship with a few bad TV shows.

Or it could just be that recent events in the feminist blogosphere have given me pause. And I've been thinking.

I'm still pensive. Despite careful consideration, I don't know if I want to weigh in, if that would be productive, or how I would want to respond. Of course, my silence - in and of itself - could be an expression of a certain privilege. And, given my personal politics of location, witnessing (without commentary) may or may not be appropriate.

What I can offer, though, is a place is cyberspace for folks to productively discuss the ongoing effects of these events - as well as larger implications for the future.* I am not staying silent because I think that there is nothing to say and I would like to instead offer space for collaboration for working through these issues. By being "quiet" as a blogger, I can amplify the comments ABWAB readers would like to share. And I really love that about blogging - the fact that it's bidirectional and creates lots of opportunities for exchange.

Another beauty of the blogosphere is that it allows for almost instaneous reaction (and, perhaps as we saw in this situation, that characteristic of the blogosphere can be complicating, too) and mobilization. Meaning we can all work together - quickly and effectly - to move forward.

So, yes. The feminist interwebs exploded. But maybe it was just the big get us all motivated to make some positive change. I'd like to think that this "interweb explosion" isn't a moment of community breaking, but is instead an opportunity for community building.

*Groundrule: Keep it productive - no ad hominem attacks!

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